In a simple narrative style, Robert N. Tharp tells the compelling story of himself and his wife, Evangeline, both of whom were born in China, where they spent their first thirty years. He describes the rich and intimate details of their everyday lives: growing up in North China; involvement with missionary work and dealing with history-making crises in Manchuria; imprisonment , internment and repatriation by the Japanese; and eventual immigration to the United States.


"In 'They Called Us White Chinese,' Bob Tharp has given us an absorbing, personal account of tremendous upheavals that have occurred in North China since his birth 80 years ago (including life under Japanese Occupation).   Well-informed and vivid, it is a powerful and fascinating book."
"Told with enthralling recall, this readable and fascinating book should appeal alike to travelers, the history-minded, and those with a thirst to know more of a faraway people."
"This is a notable book, for the author is exceptional both in his literary talent and his outlook. &nbsb;His easy style captures, with no sense of effort, the essence of the people, situations, and places.   Bob Tharp is that rare individual, a natural writer.   Few Westerners have written about China with so little nonsense and such understanding."
"This book is first-rate,exciting, compelling, and eminently readable."
"Totally absorbing and moving, this book is rich with anectote and suspense."

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